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To hide or dispose of something in such a way that it will be extremely difficult or impossible to find or recover, even for the person doing the hiding. Get rid of. Nautical in origin, it comes from a call indicating a depth of six fathoms (over ten meters), a depth from which recovery of an item tossed overboard would be very difficult.
Argggh, matey! Deep six the crack pipe before Admiral Billy-Bob catches us.

Jimmy-Joe, we'd better deep six the whole meth kitchen before Andy Taylor shows up at the trailer park
by 6079 Smith W March 22, 2005
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to stow something away in place where it will be impossible to find. the six refers to six fathoms (or 36 feet), the minimum legal depth for a burial at sea
James Bond was given the deep six in You only live twice
by Capt_Capacitor August 28, 2005
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To deep-six means to get rid of, to ignore, or to bury something. It comes from the six feet depth of a grave.
I'm sick and tired of the deal we made. It's time to deep-six that shit.
by cerberusss October 20, 2007
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The six refers to a grave, as in six feet under.
The deep refers to the ocean.

Together we have a death at sea, where youre grave is much futher down than 6 ft. Today we just use it to say "throw away" or something like that.
by el deepo sixo February 14, 2004
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What a Japenese man dreams he could give a woman
Tojo wishes he could deep six his woman but he only has 3 inches
by ray April 12, 2005
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When you have to throw something overboard. Typically when something is on fire.

To get rid of something overboard.
I had to deep-six my wife cause her ass was on fire.
by Iyadsyas September 07, 2016
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Friend: You fucked that bitch last night right?
You: Yeah, I blew that shit up.
Friend: Did you use a rub?
You: Fuck no. Rubbers are for pussies. In fact I deep six'd that shit.
by Rest In Piss February 05, 2011
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