Referring to anything cool/amazing/epic/majestic/mind-blowing. Used as a phrase, which can be shortened (as words like totally has been shortened to 'totes' or adorable to 'adorbs'), into "nautz" or "naughty".

-The new word for cool. Everybody says it.
Bob: "Hey, that movie was so cool."
Andrew: "I know? It was so nautical."


Natalie: "That was so nautz."
Christina: "I know, it was so cool."
by Razia'sShadow February 1, 2011
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refers to an act or object taken place on or near the water and/or ocean that is awesome, or really cool.
He was wakeboarding and caught a nautical jump off of it
by Sea worthy May 21, 2011
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A variant of the Extreme Houdini that takes it a little overboard (quite literally). A person is railing a girl from behind on a cruise ship over a balcony while a friend hides in the closet/bathroom. Without the girl knowing the dude hiding comes in and takes over. The first guy runs to the front of the ship, grabs a life preserver and jumps overboard. As he floats by, he waves to the girl and smiles.
I took that little Asian chick from the club with the sweet dance moves and me and my friend gave her the Nautical Houdini. It took 3 days for them to find my friend in the middle of the ocean.
by dawave182 January 17, 2008
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A derivative of the umbrella term “Shloicenoice”.

A Mormon practice in which brothers and sisters take advantage of the teeter-totter motion of the sea on an aquatic vessel to achieve sexual penetration with their partner while seamlessly obeying the constraints of their religion at the same time. As the vessel sways from bow to stern due to the motion of the ocean, it allows penetration to occur without one thrusting and willingly committing a sinful act.
Dude, yesterday on the ferry I had the most insane nautical shloice with sister Jean.

The waves were huge yesterday. I took advantage and nautical shloiced the night away.
by BMG2424 June 10, 2022
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