Referring to anything cool/amazing/epic/majestic/mind-blowing. Used as a phrase, which can be shortened (as words like totally has been shortened to 'totes' or adorable to 'adorbs'), into "nautz" or "naughty".

-The new word for cool. Everybody says it.
Bob: "Hey, that movie was so cool."
Andrew: "I know? It was so nautical."


Natalie: "That was so nautz."
Christina: "I know, it was so cool."
by Razia'sShadow February 1, 2011
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refers to an act or object taken place on or near the water and/or ocean that is awesome, or really cool.
He was wakeboarding and caught a nautical jump off of it
by Sea worthy May 21, 2011
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A variant of the Extreme Houdini that takes it a little overboard (quite literally). A person is railing a girl from behind on a cruise ship over a balcony while a friend hides in the closet/bathroom. Without the girl knowing the dude hiding comes in and takes over. The first guy runs to the front of the ship, grabs a life preserver and jumps overboard. As he floats by, he waves to the girl and smiles.
I took that little Asian chick from the club with the sweet dance moves and me and my friend gave her the Nautical Houdini. It took 3 days for them to find my friend in the middle of the ocean.
by dawave182 January 17, 2008
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