The decrepit vagabond morosely and conspicuously spied on the young and tempting females from a distance.
by Larstait November 15, 2003
meaning very very old .
incontinence and other problems are also included
hey look at teh decrepit monkey!
by =virus.exe= November 30, 2004
worn out or ruined because of age or neglect

synonyms: dilapidated, rickety, run-down, beat-up, ramshackle, derelict, ruined, in (a state of) disrepair, gone to rack and ruin; battered, decayed, crumbling,
I need more beauty sleep as I am looking & feeling very decrepit lately.
by S.I.B. January 17, 2018
Another word used to describe an extremely advanced state of decomposition.
"Did you see that zombie with the decrepitating skin?"
"Yeah, he looked perfectly ripe!"
by Somerlea October 7, 2013
when you eat stale chips from the bottom of the bag when you are hungry and that's all you have around
"any chips left in the bag"
"just the decrepit chips in the bottom!"
by Penny Flame July 11, 2008
a noun used when one is being very obnoxious, annoying, and or a piece of trash. commonly used when one break up another’s relationship.
when she tried to break jake and alissa up, that was a lil’ decrepit
by therealteasister December 11, 2018