76 definitions by Guy

fun , smart, sexy, badass!!!!!!!!
by Guy August 9, 2004
a 1337 gamer who pwnz yuo
Omg i got pwned by Cr0b0
by Guy December 14, 2004
Someone who refers to the words 'fart' or 'arab' in the same sentence, or when an arab or person of middle eastern origin farts and then denies it.
"what kind of pudhu would scare people off like that"


'Damn....i think the cab driver just farted'
'What a puhdu!!'
by Guy June 1, 2004
used to describe some one as a bitch, ass, and hoe combined
Mckee is such a bah.
by Guy March 29, 2005
Some one who often beats the crap out of people who are of Russian decent.
by Guy April 21, 2004
a aggravating little piece of shit who trys to get on your face
by Guy October 8, 2003