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Lots Of Money But A Real Dickhead.
A person with no positive attributes except wealth.
Oh yes... Kingston-Smythe. Now he's LOMBARD material!
by Guy July 30, 2003
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A fruit, commonly mispelled by Jennas, especially the ones in Andrews
Jenna, you have a very small pare....
by Guy April 05, 2005
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1.What really cool/useful people type in Instant Messengers and forums because it's obviously too much trouble to type three extra letters. In fact, we should change all instances of the letters "ease" to "z" in the English language, since, apparently, they make the same sound.
1. plz! u r so wrong. ur a fag. (pronounced "PLZZZ! Ooh rrr so wrong. Err a fag." to everyone except for the very dumb and confused author and his/her moronic friends/fellow institute patients)
by Guy November 23, 2003
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