better than obviously in so many ways lil one
You are conspicuously mistaken that obviously is better than conspicuously
by lime green couch April 17, 2007
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1. Adj; Describes something thats easy to see. Something that catches a lot of attention or is fairly unique.

2. Lady Gaga
Me: Holy shit, did you see Lady Gaga at the grammys?

You: No crap, a blind person couldve pointed her out.

Me: Ya, shes really conspicuous.

You: What?

Me: Sorry, I dont know any words small enough for you to understand
by Whores R Us February 19, 2010
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Very visible.
Something that stands out.
by Josh October 11, 2003
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Not racial problem
You know something but it's beyond the typical comprehending
" I was depending on something but it became conspicuous , I probably forgot. "
" After binging and getting a lot of self care I felt conspicuous and insecure "
by Jm8a April 2, 2023
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When someone does something on Facebook just to make a point, or have everyone else see it. Can be done by a status, or joining of a group. Usually not a direct comment or wall post.
Facebook news feed: Brain just became a fan of "Harvard Business School Class of 2014"

Carlos: Man, Brain is such an asshole, he just wants everyone to see that and rub it in their face. He's just conspicuous facebooking like always.

Status: Meg just got a 2400 on her SAT!

Julie: Meg is such a jerk, everyone knows she's a fucking genius, why does she have to gloat all the time?
by WCvolv April 3, 2010
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acting in a manner that would cause great suspicion that you are from another time
It's no wonder that when Brayden travelled to the Victorian era, they knew she was from the future. Her cell phone and laptop made her extremely time conspicuous!
by craftytrex March 13, 2009
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Someone who makes a big deal out of their Christian faith, generally to cover their secular sins.
Mark Sanford joins John Ensign as Conspicuous Christians brought down by their own penises.
by Russian Blue October 2, 2009
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