Wore out is oftentimes used in the same way and same tense as worn out.

1.) Tired, exhausted. See worn out.
2.) To overstay one's welcome.
3.) To use something to the point it no longer works or becomes ragged/shoddy.
4.) To completely, utterly, and totally beat someone up.
Example 1: "After walking around Six Flags all day, I was wore/worn out."

Example 2: "After several lame jokes, Bill wore out his welcome at the company picnic."

Example 3: "If you keep wearing that shirt it'll be wore out in no time."

Example 4: "Some guy insulted my girlfriend and got his ass wore out for it."
by Super C September 21, 2009
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A female crack abuser whom is totally burnt out.
Damn! Just look at dat wore out strawberry on the corner there.
by JBoyTheToy September 19, 2013
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Having sex with a female til she is tired, exhausted and can't move

Def: I took her to the hotel and wore her out last nite
We went to the hotel and I wore her out last night
by BossmanE August 1, 2015
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