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Your ass tells you you need to fart, gotta let one go, and right now. Upon sphincter relaxation, you discover the backlog in there wasn't all just the 3rd state of matter. Nope. There was some liquid, and some solid, too. You have been...deceived. And you need to change your shorts, at a minimum.
"Where's Bob?"
"He went home to change his clothes. It was urgent."
"What happened?"
"Well he was in a meeting, and just had to fart, or so his ass promised him. Massive pressure. He finally lets 'er go. Well it turns out he shat some, too; he was deceived by his own ass into thinking it was just gas, but it had mass".
"Yes, filthy deceiving ass. Never trust a fart!"
"Amen to that, brother."
by Le Fartier April 11, 2010
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in reference to a male or female who, from far away, appears hot, attractive, sexy; however as you get closer, you realise they are not. at all. that person is a 'deceiver'
Jake: 'hey man, check out that hottie.'
Rob: 'yeah, i'd do her.'
(person gets closer)
'Oh no! deceiver!'
by sweet-1-sass February 04, 2010
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Breasts that appear to be good when inside the bra. When the bra is removed, the breasts are not what you expected.

Bra technology has been dramatically improved over recent years and it has recently become very difficult to tell what a girl's breasts will look like naked. By the time you find out, it is already too late.
Kevin - Dude, I saw you leave with that girl the other night, what happened?

Matt - Ah man, I thought she was hot, I got her home but she had deceivers.

Kevin - Damn, I feel your pain...
by MDMC January 14, 2011
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