Sparkling wine (achieved via means of a second fermintation) produced from grapes grown in a legally defined area of France.

See also champers, bubbly, cris, dom, moet, and salon.
I love to boast about my magnum of 1990 Salon - damn fine Champagne, la dee dah... etc ...
by Dan Fox September 10, 2003
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Reference to an underage, yet desirable female. Used due to similar characteristics: (1) alcohol enriched and (2) aged for approximately 15 years.
While at a party.

Guy 1: “Look at her. How old you think she is?”

Guy 2: “’bout 15 or 16”

Guy 1 & 2: “Champagne!.”

The two gentlemen proceed to touch fists in a celebratory fashion.

History of the word:

During a party I noticed several really hot yet underage young ladies. As a joke I told my friend, "I like my women how i like my champagne...full of alcohol and aged for 15 years". It has now found its way into our vocabulary.
by Mauro Aguilar June 1, 2007
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Something that is expensive but appears cheap. This can include Paris Hilton's outfits, rice cars, and live Bette Midler performances.
"That new Gucci bag is so champagne!"
by ldne May 14, 2005
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what you smokin on? Some champagne.
by d-boy July 9, 2005
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Champagne is to take your dick and swing it around while pissing so you piss all over the place.
I'm on a party at this asshole's house and I have to go to the restroom. Champagne!!!!!!!!!
by dutchtree109 October 27, 2013
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Woman's pee in man's mouth
Last afternoon, I drink Kathy's champagne ...
by javier2 April 12, 2006
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