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The single most retarded activity ever conceived of by human beings.
OMG dancing is so stupid.
by fuck Mtv April 07, 2005
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a term for a pointless act done by humans in which there are many different types. people just bop around their appendages in front of one another without even talking for hours. they are simply emulating the symptoms of epilepsy. grinding, has a point to get males hard, while simulataneously looking like they are skinning a potato.
people should start DANCING in bed.
by ihate January 05, 2007
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(There are many forms of this activity. Formal and urban. Usually urban)

1. An activity in which those of the male population make complete fools out of themselves in order to get the attention of a female.

2. Also an activity performed when one has consumed too much alchohol. (This form of dancing may cause injury and/or public humiliation. This form of dancing not suggested)
Ex. 1) Stacy: Oh my gosh! Greg is such a good dancer! I would so date him!

Ex. 2) Elizabeth: Mitch is way too drunk to be dancing. I hope he doesn't hurt himself.

by Delicious Nuggets February 01, 2009
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Not giving a shit about what other people think of you as you move you body gracefully (or not so gracefully) rhythmically to the beat of music. Often done at parties, discos, etc... Can be done on one's own but is more fun done in pairs or in groups.
Man that party was CRAZY! We were dancing all night and all mornin'!
by Captain Capable May 30, 2012
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The act of wildly gesticulating like an ass in a vain attempt to attract someone of the opposite sex.
He took her dancing on their first date, and she dumped him that night.
by BrittOmnRex December 22, 2005
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