used to reference a good song; to say that a song is really good
Situation 1: SHINee's 'View' is such a bop
Situation 2: EXO's song 'Artificial Love' from their new album EX'ACT is a bop!
by exothekings June 20, 2016
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when the songs beat is so dope you gotta bounce to it a little
"dang bro that beats so hard, you got me boppin'"
by atebbe April 4, 2017
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A name to call a female who gives head to anyone. They call them a bop because when they give head they bop there heads.
That lil bop was messing with my man last night!
by Eyebis June 12, 2005
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A dance usally seen at parties or fiestas. Also seen when a person is turning up. Known regulary in Chicago, IL
by turn_up_child July 18, 2013
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a long or short walk to a certain destination
"a yo dats a long bop from north ave. to charles st. You mine as well catch da bus my nigga."
by von junyor March 13, 2009
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She said she waas going to bop me today
by Sarah April 5, 2005
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Verb: to walk the streets, hence 'bop' the streets. Derived from the description applied to one's gait (manner of walking).

Noun: a 'bop' is time spent bopping (walking) the streets, normally with friends, encompassing all that occurs during this time. Can also be 'solo-bopping' when walking the streets on one's own.
Verb: 'I just saw him bop over there and then when he was bopping back he had a bag with him.'

Noun: 'I couldn't believe so many things happened on that bop yesterday.'
by Uzi J July 27, 2006
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