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1. Rock on, baby!
2. Copasetic
3. You couldn't be mo' righter!
4. I couldn't agree more
Superior Court Judge: "Young man, you were caught with a 14-year-old girl in your dorm room."

21-year-old Defendant: "Damn skippy, bubba. Moistie little thang, too."

Superior Court Judge: "She was my daughter. Ten years."

21-year-old Defendant: "Damn skippy, old guy."
by William Dean A. Garner September 9, 2003
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An assertion, usually used with yes or ya to emphasize some point made.
Person A: Didja see that fight on the corner? That chick got stomped, that's brutal.
Person B: Ya damn skippy that shit was brutal, I think the whole block stomped her ass.
by DarkNova December 15, 2001
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-a term for "hell yes", "heck yes", "hellz yea", "psch yeah", "damn straight", and other terms alike.
-rarely but sometimes used in expression of happiness, disappointement, or frustration.
mostly used by scene boys and girls.
alexavogue: do you have the danimals jackie?
rawr, itz jxckie: damn skippy i have them!

alexavogue: is there anymore vodka under the sink?
rawr, its jxckie: no!
alexavoue: damn skippy!!
by hooy June 19, 2008
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using the wrong peanut butter to coax your dog to lick your balls
he 1:stupid fido wouldn't go down on me last nite.
he 2:did you use the jif peanut butter like i told you?
he 1:no i used that damn skippy.
by shemma November 9, 2004
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when one is blaming a kangaroo for something
damn skippy he pushed a small child down the well
by Stutley January 21, 2004
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she is looking extra fine
she is looking extra delicious
she is not wearing underwear
damn skippy

Skippy: "hey dollar how YOU doin"
Dollar: "daaaaaamn skippy"
by $$1 August 8, 2008
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