phrase that pretty much means 'of course'.

can also be used to express excitement.
Pedro : Did you draw her a picture?
Napoleon Dynamite : Heck yes I did.
by carachaos September 2, 2004
a phrase that emphasizes agreement or willingness to do something
Heck yes I'll come to the party on Saturday!
by ballerxcgirl33 July 11, 2008
hell yes, with a more g-rated and warmer tone that makes the phrase so much better.
"hey, are you going to that show next weekend?"
by Haley February 3, 2005
what people from Northern Califronia say
NorCaller, "did you see that huh...heck yes"

SoCaller, "dude, you sound like you're from Redding"

NorCaller, "hell yes"
by sebastoin pequot February 2, 2007
Almost like yes, but with more enthusiasm.
Hot person: Can i get your number?
You: HECK YES you can!

I rock, HECK YES!
by shaayna May 8, 2005
phrase that means 'of course, keep up!'
or a phrase said in excitement of achieving a goal.
"Did you watch The Hills last night?!"
"Heck Yes Grandma!"

Or in other cases..

A young boy wins a game of uno and in a cheerful tone says "Heck Yes Grandma!"
by Sydney L. R. October 18, 2009
slang for "yes"

made by some stoners of highland park, illinois

it is meant to be used when you are offered cannabis and/or getting lit
jack: hey bro wanna go smoke some of this dank

levi: heck yes sheck wes!
by jockholtz March 29, 2019