like saying of course...!
nikki... was dat chicken good or what?
sara... ya damn skippy it was!
by dat white gurl January 13, 2008
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What you say when someone's asks something to you to which the answer is yes.
Guy 1:"Hey I heard you do a good British accent. Is that true?"

Me in a British accent: "Damn skippy hippie."
by Jizzy Jan February 7, 2010
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It means you blew it. It originated from the popular television show "Family Ties" in which the character named "Skippy Handleman" always messed things up with his clutsy and nerdy behavior. The phrase started as an expansion of the popular phrase Damn Skippy.
Damn Skippy Handleman! Next time you better get her digits!
by shawnpg_fo_shizzo August 24, 2008
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"Damn Skippy" is an older version of "Fuckin A" or "Word." It is usually a reply to a concise statement summarizing a troublesome situation.
as in, "This fire is gonna spread and we need a plan." 'Damn skippy we do.'

(appropriate reply: damn skippy, fuckin a, word, you KNOW it.)
by vapormissile February 9, 2020
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