31 definitions by DarkNova

The best was to enjoy a club, get bombed before ya get there.
by DarkNova December 9, 2001
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to constantly or continouously do something
I stay sleepintg in on Saturday.
by DarkNova December 18, 2001
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1. pick up lines
2. skill
3. mojo/sexdrive
1. I'm feelin' ya game, I holla at you later.
2. Babyboy's got game, I don't think I can handle him.
3. Shit, baby, ya game is off...
by DarkNova April 5, 2002
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when you have no found in the house, its a kind of sandwich you eat when you have only bread
I aint go shoppin' so we had ketchup sandwiches for lunch.
by DarkNova April 5, 2002
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When you somebody wakes you up and you know you ain't had enough sleep yet cause everything is all blurry and stuff doesn't make sense yet.
I wuz sleepin on the train and some bitch bumped into me and when she said sorry i ain't understand her cause i wuz half-woke.
by DarkNova December 9, 2001
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When somebody gives you a ring in the early morning hours so they can get they fuck on.
If someone is callin ya house 4 in the morning, it's likely that's a booty call.
by DarkNova January 7, 2002
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