31 definitions by DarkNova

He's so hung, we call him tripod.
by DarkNova April 16, 2002
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to constantly or continouously do something
I stay sleepintg in on Saturday.
by DarkNova December 18, 2001
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Did you see that skanky bitch tryin to take my man?
by DarkNova October 19, 2001
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To miss out on something because one doesn't realize it's full potential, usually used with the word 'on.'
Some artists aren't as well known as others, so people stay sleepin' on their music when it be really good yo.
by DarkNova December 18, 2001
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when you have no found in the house, its a kind of sandwich you eat when you have only bread
I aint go shoppin' so we had ketchup sandwiches for lunch.
by DarkNova April 5, 2002
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