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Do what you feel is best for you, in short, do you.
Forget ya triflin's friends, you need to do you.
by DarkNova November 28, 2001

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A dirty ho.
Did you see that skanky bitch tryin to take my man?
by DarkNova October 18, 2001

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1. pick up lines
2. skill
3. mojo/sexdrive
1. I'm feelin' ya game, I holla at you later.
2. Babyboy's got game, I don't think I can handle him.
3. Shit, baby, ya game is off...
by DarkNova April 05, 2002

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Those little 25 cent drinks youi get at the bodega you used to drink when you were a kid.
I'mma run to the store right quick, get a quarter water, you want something?
by DarkNova December 08, 2001

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When a weave goes so bad, it's beyond astonishment.
Girl had like fifty different colors up in there and know she was wrong, that's unbeweavable right there.
by DarkNova November 28, 2001

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1. mixed up, confused
2. carzy, wild
1. Don't get it twisted, juss cuz she slept with the whole block don't mean she's a ho---she's just friednly.
2. That nigga is into some twisted shit, he wanted me to tie him up....
by DarkNova December 13, 2001

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To miss out on something because one doesn't realize it's full potential, usually used with the word 'on.'
Some artists aren't as well known as others, so people stay sleepin' on their music when it be really good yo.
by DarkNova December 18, 2001

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