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A chap who isn't from English i.e. foreigner but to make him sound more un-English add Johnny
Johnny Foreigner: Purpose of visit
Englishman: Imperialism now out of my way Johnny Foreigner
JF: Yes sir, tell me more of these pounds and inches
by Stutley February 2, 2005
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A great man who has the best opinions and an amazing way of saying things with a huge amount of metaphors, is firmly against going slower than 120mph and speed cameras, once had his own chat show called Clarkson but was recieved too much hate mail for the sheer amount of abuse he spewed.
Talking to a Spanish guy "well you're just bone idle really aren't you" not just that Spanish guy the whole of Spain...genius
by Stutley February 24, 2005
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A film with good pictures of guns in it
when will UKAN come back so bored
by Stutley September 5, 2003
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a description created by the God's of Metal, ManOwaR for all of the poser metal bands that have appeared such as Korn
Heavy Metal...or no Metal at all wimps and posers...leave the hall...Heavy Metal
by Stutley August 14, 2004
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From a 1970's TV show probably the coolest character ever, Fonzie has achieved much for mankind such as defying health and safety regulations by riding his bike into al's dinner, he also freed the squares. Fonzie is a true legend and his spirit shall always live on
Homer:Fonzie's Jacket!!!!!!
Bart:Whos Fonzie???
by Stutley November 28, 2003
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The ulimate cruising beast 1 litre of pure power and fun
whoa thats the Chavster!!
by Stutley October 19, 2004
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