idiot in UK like slang
a dumb person
"shut up you jif"
"ricky your such a jif"
by bobby seidel February 5, 2009
Short for "in a jiffy", which basically means "a short period of time". It can be used sarcastically as well

"Jiffy" is also used as a sci/tech term, commonly for 0.01 seconds, or sometimes 1 tick of a computer's clock.
"I'll get to it in a jif." (This means after I get done with the football game, hon)
by Midwest_Expatriate May 3, 2005
Jif is an incorrect pronouncement of GIF that stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Note the G. People who pronounce it correctly often respond with something like"What's a jif?" or "Who is Jeff?". If a person who pronounce GIF incorrectly shortly after says a word that with a hard "G" while trying to convince the other, it is common to respond whit questioning of meaning, like for example:"-You can't go around and be rude... -You mean jo around?" or to change all g's in ones speech to j's.
It is also a peanut butter brand!
-Have you seen the new John Cena jif?!
-Jif is not a word!
-Mmmm... JIF...
by Bullar är bruna June 27, 2016
A metaphor for semen, on account of how it is creamy and smooth, and how jif sounds like jizz.
I pulled out and jiffed all over her tits. It was awesome
by urbantypeindividual December 4, 2019
-A mediocre brand of peanut butter
-Short form for Jeff
The native called me "jif" cause he was too high on gas to say "Jeff"
by NativeJif June 17, 2004
A person who is really smart and ambitious but surrounds themselves with idiotic selfish friends who inhibit that person from achieving great things and dont have lives of their own so they feed off everything that person does.
Man that girl is such a jif the way she lets her friends run her life into the ground, she can do anything she wants but not with those idiots around.
by bubbles500 May 16, 2011
"Don't come over here, I jiffed."
by Honkylips September 21, 2005