To persuade someone into giving you something; cajole.
To obtain by continous persuasion.
Try to salvage something so the situation doesn't worsen.
Evosquall tried to coax Lingo into changing her name to Joywawa, which she did, and regretted very much to this very day.
by Joywawa January 13, 2011
Coax means that something is shit (bad).
"Do you know how coax my life is right now."
by Lolnah2883 February 21, 2017
the complete opposite to cock-blocking, usually helped by a wing man by introducing you to a girl your too nervous to talk to.
the other day my friend was cock-coaxing me when i was too sackless to talk to that hoe
by rhythm12345 October 31, 2010
Finger teasing of a lady's secret garden. See also Vole Tickling
We were both a bit nervous at first but then after coaxing the clam we were at it like rabbits on steroids.
by Scot_Tom June 20, 2013
A colloquial euphemism for masturbating. Invented by Grant Prusi's father.
Grant's Dad: I know what you boys are doing in there, quit coaxing it along!
Children: We're not masturbating, we're just putting suppositories up our butts!
by Grant Prusi November 20, 2010
To push out a turd, drop the kids off at the pool, free the chocolate hostage,insert seal team 5, take a shit. Usually when you think you have to go, but know that it's not going to go easy...accompanied by mild constipation.
"Why you so sweaty Ed, you don't work out?"
"I just spent half an hour trying to coax out a growler...bastard nearly killed me."
by Turd Cutter April 28, 2006
for someone to try to make a gay person date or act romantically with a member of the opposite sex.
yeah... my mom was coaxing me to go fishing! she doesn't support me being gay.

my dad has to coax me to go fishing because he doesn't want thanksgiving to be ruined
by avvbnk November 30, 2020