Australian slang
1. noun (generally in the plural): trouser.
2. verb: to de-pants someone.
3. verb: to shoplift an item by putting it down one's trousers.
1. "That's a stonkin' pair of dacks you got there, mate!"
2. "So I ran up behind him and dacked the bugger. It was grouse."
3. "I wanted a bottle of Beam, but I didn't have any money, so I dacked it and ran."
by HarryTheBarStud February 12, 2018
To pull someones pants down.
Intention is to embarress them by exposing their tighy whities or a bare ass. Make's other people laugh.
"John is being the biggest dickhead."
"Yeah, let's dack him."
by Diego September 5, 2003
from the word foedack; an annoying freshman; an annoying/lame person in general
by JDubs47 November 9, 2009
To "depants" or suddenly pull someones pants down before they have the chance to react. Usually done in public or in front of a large group of people. Soccer/footy players are notorious "dackers".
"Dude, Paul was talking to a group of girls and Steven TOTALLY dacked him!"
by JeramyP February 11, 2006
Short for 'Dakka', meaning Marijuna, Chronic.
Did you bring any dack over with you?
by Diego September 29, 2003
One that has qualities not unlike a penis. And not in a good way, either!
Man, why is Jimmy acting like such a DACK today?
by Robert Turner January 29, 2003