Named for the infamously unpalatable Fleischmann brand of cheap hard liquors, to "Fleischmann it" is to go about binge drinking from a standpoint that considers nothing but chemical effect, ignoring flavor entirely.
My girlfriend dumped me and I lost my job so I have no money and want to lose months worth of memory, I feel like Fleischmanning it tonight; buy whatever 1.75L bottle is priced around 10 dollars.
by T-sonne October 3, 2010
The cheapest vodka sold at most grocery stores. Tastes and smells like -and may actually be- rubbing alcohol. Can be used to make respectable jungle juice or screwdrivers.
Wow, I don't know which tastes worse: the Fleischman's vodka or the Montezuma's tequila.
by adamisaspaz March 5, 2003