A form of internet communcation where 2 or more people talk to each other in real-time without going through a browser chatroom. A few of the most common instant messengers are ICQ, AIM and MSN.
by Amantis April 5, 2005
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A two-way pager that weights 6 pounds and costs $500 or more. You can talk to more people at a time using instant messenger than you can with a two-way. You can also type, access the Internet, and play video games in a more humane manner.

For those who would rather have radiation splashing onto their face rather than zapping their genitalia, instant messenger is the way to go.
I use instant messenger when I'm at my day job, but I can only use a two-way at my, uh..., night job.
by handle187 November 7, 2003
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A way of communication without having to text/call or hang out with that person. If it weren't for Instant Messenger I wouldn't have as many friends as I DO(: Its pretty freaking awesome. Even though you might not even talk to half of your contacts... you still got more people online. Great for having HILARIOUS group discussions with all your cool friends. If I walk away from my computer for a second I first check to see who got online while I was gone... Very addictive. But totally awesome(: ***warning: may lead to loss of social skills***
Instant Messenger converstation:

Julia: You missed it. Me, Mclovin, Marco, Mikey, Emily, and ew David had a big group convo(:

Rachel: haha. Sounds funny! Wish I would have been there minus the david part. lol!
by pprplanesandhearts March 21, 2009
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A horrid program that people are forced to use in order to communicate on the internet due to the fact all others are worse. Filled with many bugs and errors people have to deal with in order to talk to multiple friends without the use of a telephone. No one likes it, but it's at least better than the alternatives. Also see aim.
TheTrueOvermind: Hi
Wonder Kirby: Hey
TheTrueOvermind has signed off.
TheTrueOvermind had logged on.
Wonder Kirby: ???
TheTrueOvermind: Sorry AIM crashed again.
Wonder Kirby: Yeah, sucks doesn't it?
TheTrueOvermind: I wish there was something better, too bad this is the best.
Wonder Kirby: Yeah, even Gaim sucks.
TheTrueOvermind signed off.
Wonder Kirby signed off.
AOL Instant Messenger signed off.
by BackToNormal December 20, 2004
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Its been disputed since the dawn of the internet where our form of grammar and spelling was tainted.

I have the answer. And the answer in question is AOL instant messenger.

Yeah, AOL is a virus within itself.

Macho Man Randy Savage approves of this message.
by Not Zane September 6, 2004
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America Online Instant Messenger sux0rz j00r nut0zrsr. OMFG ICQ IS BATERR@!@!@22
by Phoojoeniam August 26, 2003
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Messaging system created so that low lifes can chat online with the "friends" that don't like them enough to either answer their text messages, or actually talk to them in person.

situations such as these bring great relief to the "block" button.
susie: i wonder why that hott guy hasn't answered my constant text messages for the last three and a half hours

-after logging in to AIM Instant Messenger-

susie: oh, no worries! he's online!
by jannnnnnnna July 29, 2009
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