I don't curr that you hurt yourself, keep playing.
by J November 2, 2003
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wow.....im super tired, turn the lights out im about to curr

wowww....im super tired, ill probably be curred before the movie ends

dang its late....im about to curr like steve
by D Baah April 14, 2010
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curr - to fuck
don't curr it bro!
by wutdoucarebro August 18, 2011
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2. "Did you curr her?
"Yeah, hard last night"
by YYRRRRAAHH December 7, 2008
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hey bilbo lets go curr so these fat chicks start to look sexy.
by patno June 30, 2003
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The response you give when something happens.
Curr, the cops found my stash.
by Coodissman January 17, 2010
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