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Slang intensifier. If you do something like a mug, you do it particularly much, or fast, or often, depending on the word. If you say "She was runnin' like a mug," for example, you mean that she was running really fast. Some say that the phrase derives from "like a motherf___er." I don't know about that, but it's an equivalent statement, so maybe so. William Gates uses the phrase "like a mug" in one of his interviews in the 1994 masterpiece Hoop Dreams.
"I got 15 rebounds. I was jumpin' like a mug."
"You can't believe anything she told you. She was lyin' like a mug."
by Brother Ray February 18, 2018
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An exageration in any circumstance. A lot.
That hurt like a mug!
That hurt a lot!
by Ryan Pater April 02, 2005
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Resembling a ceramic container with a handle, used to hold hot beverages.
A glass is like a mug, but it's used for cold drinks.
by Salamanderz September 27, 2010
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it is a mannerism to describe a certain item of choice, with no specific definition known by anybody except an elite few..
dude:yo jigga
him: sup fooliosis
dude: dude nick paul is such a fool for being himself
him:yea man like a mug...
dude: ohh yea and he'll never know what that means either
by jiggamatic March 14, 2011
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