1. A word used to describe a stupid bitch who thinks everyone loves her, when in fact the whole world hates her.

2. A girl who names her vagina bunny foo.

3. A dumbass who moved out of the coolest room ever and into a shitty room with shitty roommates who eventually deserted her, leaving her to live all alone under her umbarella ella ella aye aye aye under her umbarella ella ella aye aye aye.
Kristin: "Remember that one girl that used to live with us?"
Emily: "Which one? We've had 4 roommates so far this year."
Kristin: "I'm talking about the really ugly one with blonde hair and huge eyes."
Emily: "Oh yeah, I remember that girl. She was such a cuntface."
by Emily and Kristin January 17, 2008
Anyone who is a former, current or future member of the infamous Paul family.
Jake Paul, Greg Paul, Logan Paul are massive cuntfaces due to their lack of functioning brain cells
by senor_anonymous. May 8, 2020
a stupid bastard not even worthy of knowing his own name
man the boss is a cuntface
by tamahau February 12, 2003
A person who's personality is so worthless, their face has taken on the shape of a vagina.
"Hi Amrei, maybe we can go cheer for Bush today."
"No Jenny, go away. You are such a stupid cuntface."
by Amrei and Jenny December 22, 2006
What female members of staff get called when the boss is drunk.
Oi cuntface, come and move some cars!
Often followed by: What's wrong cuntface?
by slip March 8, 2005
Fingering a girl getting her juices on your fingers/hand.. then slapping her round the face.. then exclaiming "cuntface".
*fingers girl, slaps her round face*
"ha, cuntface!!!"
by henshawwwwwwwww November 28, 2011
a person who is really aggresive, and mean, and violent to women, loves having fights with random strangers, runs away from the police alot to avoid jail, is a closet bisexual, close to being a alcholic,
lucky lukey is such a cuntface, he chased after his ex girl with a razor blade ready to cut her up...
by nerds from burbs April 21, 2018