A fair skinned rural goddess. Sharp tongued and quick witted. Sexy as hell.
Damn, Kristin, you so sexy
by Walt_walter July 13, 2012
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This gal is the best person in the world!! A great best friend and is always there for you. Sometimes annoying but in a funny way:) She attracts all the hot guys and everyone who is anyone knows her! She's Sexy and She Knows It! lol She is the one person you could always count on with anything.
"Man can't believe your goin gout with the hottest guy in school!"

"Ya thats what happens when your Kristin";)
by yo mamma's best bud January 27, 2012
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So funny, pretty, and likes to talk. Typically, shy&sweet. Will fall in love easly; but never admit it. :)
She is pretty, usually born blonde, loves to dye her hair!! Favorite colors change with her mood. Her eyes can make you melt; you will never want to look away from them. <3

She will date a lot but for no reason. She wont get comfortable fast, but if she does know that you are something special. She is so smart but trys not to be. Kristin is very insucure about herself, she trys not to show it. She writes a lot to express herself and she loves it. If you date her or like her be kind and share your heart she will never betray you! She will hold in your secrets as long as can be. She will always want to be friends with you even if you break up. Love her stay with her :)) She will never forgets you!
Boy: I think we should break up?

Kristin: I saw this coming... Stay friends with me?

Boy: I don't think that is a good Idea...

Kristin: I guess I can understand but I wont always be here? You mean a lot to me and I would just like to let you know. Goodbye.
by SheLovesYou. July 18, 2011
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She is beautiful in everyway and lights up the room and I love her.
Kristin, be my wife? :)

Oh my gosh, Kristin's amazing.
by geodude. December 24, 2011
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Kristin is someone who is amazing, brave, wonderful, and loving. Someone everyone loves to have around. Very beautiful and not afraid to speak her mind, also loves to have many adventures.
Man, that girl who walked down the street is hot! No, she's Kristin!
by the real jo July 24, 2010
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People say and spell her name in many different ways, but all the derivatives have traditionally meant "follower of Christ."
Man: Who is Kristen?
Woman: She spells it Kristin but the Germans say Kristine because that's how they pronounce their "i"
Man: Is that why I can't find her in the database?
Woman: You can find her name in the database but she will physically be someplace else.
Man: You women are so literal.
Woman: Well that's why her name is Kristin.
by YaYa May 28, 2013
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Wondeful in millions of ways. There are no words that describe the sheer radiance of this beautiful creature. Wise beyond her years she can tap into nature and reveal all of its secrets with nothing more than a smile. An angel in disguise she is free-spirited and fun loving. Recognized as one of the most sensual and erotic lovers. One could only wish to tame this wild temptress. Graced by god.
"ohhhhh Kristin.... OOOOhhhhhhh Kristin!!!!!!"
by WillyWhacker WR December 1, 2009
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