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1. A word used to describe a stupid bitch who thinks everyone loves her, when in fact the whole world hates her.

2. A girl who names her vagina bunny foo.

3. A dumbass who moved out of the coolest room ever and into a shitty room with shitty roommates who eventually deserted her, leaving her to live all alone under her umbarella ella ella aye aye aye under her umbarella ella ella aye aye aye.
Kristin: "Remember that one girl that used to live with us?"
Emily: "Which one? We've had 4 roommates so far this year."
Kristin: "I'm talking about the really ugly one with blonde hair and huge eyes."
Emily: "Oh yeah, I remember that girl. She was such a cuntface."
by Emily and Kristin January 17, 2008

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Slang for an untouched vagina.

If a girl names her own vagina this, she is a stupid cunt-face.
Gustavo: My penis is named King Triton, does your vagina have a name?
Megan: Bunny foo, because it's pure and white.
Gustavo: That's the weirdest shit I've ever heard.

Little bunny foo hopping through the forest, sitting on King Triton, and bopping the night away.

Two people lying naked on a bed:
Megan: "I would let you touch my bunny foo, however, I'm waiting to shave for the romantic dinner with the band teacher next weekend."
Gustavo: "Ok, I guess we'll just make out completely naked and not touch."
by Emily and Kristin January 13, 2008

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A stupid cunt who likes to run everywhere to forget the fact that everyone hates her and she has no friends. She will never in her life lay her bulging eyes on a man's junk. She lives all alone now, because the one friend she thought she had, left for a more expensive habitat. She likes to speak in abbrevs and make herself look like a dumbass. She ties used tampons to her windshield wipers for fun. If you ever see a girl with frizzy blond curly hair and big bulging eyes, you'd better run faster than she can because she's a bitch.
The results are in! The President of the Itty-Bitty-Titty Committee is....Megan W.!!!

Megan W.'s vagina is named bunny foo, because it's pure and white.

I saw Megan W. hooking up with the band teacher Mr. Campbell at the football game last weekend. Afterward they had a romantic dinner consisting of hot wings, celery, and Red Stripe beer from Jamaica.

Remember that time Megan W. had three periods in one month and had to get birth control?

Did you hear what Megan W. did to Emily and Kristin? What a bitch. Good thing they're living the good life now, too bad she's all alone with no friends.

I heard Megan moved out because she was jeal she wasn’t invited to hang with the fort party guests Emily, Kristin, Cameron, Brytney, Emily, and Zach.
by Emily and Kristin May 15, 2008

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