a person who is really aggresive, and mean, and violent to women, loves having fights with random strangers, runs away from the police alot to avoid jail, is a closet bisexual, close to being a alcholic,
lucky lukey is such a cuntface, he chased after his ex girl with a razor blade ready to cut her up...
by nerds from burbs April 21, 2018
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How someone's face looks whilst performing cunnilingus from the receiver's perspective.
I love his cunt face.....
by nanajunior July 01, 2010
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1. N. A woman whose facial features lack any form of beauty.
2. N. Something to never call your GF.
3. N. What chu call a hoe when she's givin' you attitude!
Pimp 1: That hoe is givin' me attitude!
Pimp 2: Slap dat Cunt Face in da mouth!
by Thedeadhead04 May 17, 2008
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An emo kid that thinks they are hardcore. Dyes their hair a multitude of colours like Kiki Kannibal. Attempts to dress like a scene kid but ends up looking more like a retarded circus clown.
You need to stop listening to so much Chiodos. You're starting to dress like a Rojas Cuntface.
by The Alchemy Index October 18, 2007
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Adam-Hey, John, you're a cunt and you have a cuntface.
John- Oh, no
by Finnishxpert123 February 04, 2020
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A young man whose face bears an uncanny resemblance to a Cunt. Known as Cuntfacr from school, such a man often shuns city life choosing instead to live in the suburbs. He works out of public eye, in a role such as a chef in a kitchen to escape public glare.
Hello Cuntface how are you?
by Adamantonio December 20, 2017
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A woman that her face looks like an ogre, even Shrek is better looking.

An ugly bitch woman that never been happy no matter what.

Everybody hates her at her workplace because she is mean to everyone especially a bitch to pretty girls that guys at work like.

Workaholic, short, fat girl who works around the clock but never productive and pretend the business owner is her husband by calling him “honey.”

A woman who looks way older (75) then she is (35) due to lack of sex. She tries to have sex with every guy and or dog she sees by giving them drugs or alcohol, she has with her at all time hoping today is the day it will finally happen and still hope and waiting.
“She is so fucking ugly!!! She looks like Shrek.”

“Yeah, she has a Cuntface.”

“Did you see? she writes me up; I was late 1 minute from lunch.”
“What a Cuntface! It’s because of the guys here like you.”

“Who would marry you? You Cuntface”

“ did you see this ugly bitch creature, she took the IT guy to her office and offered him some pills and heavy alcohol so he would have sex with her. “
“OMG, she is a Cuntface. “
“Exactly! a Cuntface. “

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she put peanut butter in her pussy so her dog can lick it.

what a Cuntface.”
by I’m the chosen one 1983 April 13, 2018
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