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(n.) a particularly malodorous runny, and sticky type of vaginal cheese common to unhygienic women who have never used a douche in thier lives. This substance is frequently found in clumps that may resemble boogers known as cungus wads and may be associated with various fungal infections.
Darlene is a swell girl, but like all of my female cousins, she's got one hell of a cungus problem down there around her cooter.
by Blenderhead71 February 21, 2007
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(n) Cunt Fungus
Originated at a water park in the wisconsin dells.
Yikes, that bitch has some nasty cungus goin' on in her panties.
by Niki October 11, 2004
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A slang word for the male genitalia.
Girl 1 -"How was the date, did you fuck?" Girl 2 - "Good, we fucked but his cungus was small."
by Mr. Gut December 18, 2017
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A person who is so despicable and disgusting that neither calling them a cunt nor a fungus will serve to describe them accurately. Only by combining the two does it become descriptive enough to portray the absolute disgust one feels at their presence.
You're such a Cungus. Go crawl into a dark corner of your sewer and die!
by TheFrozenRogue November 21, 2017
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