25 definitions by Niki

a bowl that is now ash, so you can't smoke it any more.
*toke toke toke*... it's dead, but let's pack it up again.
by Niki July 28, 2004
'yo, this aint right'
'Do the math, it dont add up'
by Niki April 7, 2005
jennifer's arm was discabubulated after the accident.
by Niki September 17, 2003
1) a weird face with a tiny smrik/smile and taunting eyes starring at u, like they just jizz
roshan's jizz face looked like a homo
by Niki August 28, 2003
The sound one makes when in a state of total confusion and/or while taking a pause mid-sentence.
Bob: Hey Suzie, doyawannalayme?
Suzie: Maybe, do you have any STD's?
Bob: Uhh... <prolonged "uhh">
by Niki January 7, 2004
a fair-skinned African-American person
Antwon: My girl is pretty as shit. She red with hazel eyes and long hair.
by Niki October 27, 2003
Someone who sings in a punk band, thinks they are so cool because they have tattoos and groupies, but only play in small bars, probably Uncle Mikes.
Drew is a bracketface, but is so cool because he is the singer in 11-54
by Niki January 1, 2005