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A girl who flirts with a guy and pretends to put out but when the time comes she won't.
Sherrie was such a cocktease, she came on to Chad but wouldn't put out
by Niki January 16, 2003

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The sound one makes when in a state of total confusion and/or while taking a pause mid-sentence.
Bob: Hey Suzie, doyawannalayme?
Suzie: Maybe, do you have any STD's?
Bob: Uhh... <prolonged "uhh">
by Niki January 07, 2004

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THE most giggly, funniest, and coolest lover, er, friend ever! Also known as a "stupid jevi"
Have you been a Payal today?
by Niki April 18, 2004

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sumone who make u explode in ur pants when u sleep

great to have sex with
my girl's a sex bomb
by niki August 28, 2003

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sexually excited, aroused
hot girls sexcite guys
by niki August 04, 2004

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(n) Cunt Fungus
Originated at a water park in the wisconsin dells.
Yikes, that bitch has some nasty cungus goin' on in her panties.
by Niki October 11, 2004

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Done only be college students apparently...it is where a person takes the keg tube, shoves it up their butt, and turns it on, shooting beer into their colon....the lining of the colon is super absorbant, so they feel they will get more drunk in a shorter amount of time this way.
It is also believed that because they are not DRINKING the alcohol that they would be able to pass a breathalyzer test (they are wrong).
Steve told Mindy that in order for Billy to catch up he would have to do some anal chugging because they have been drinking for hours
by Niki May 26, 2004

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