Beautiful female with a great personality. She is always prepared with a witty remark. She is the best friend you could ever have & if you're lucky enough to date her, she will be the best you've ever had. She can be a huge bitch though if you get on he bad side.
by princesss69_ December 29, 2012
Amazing, one of the best girls you will ever meet! She is beautiful, smart, caring. Everyone loves her, she has an amazing personality and whenever shes around you always have a good time. Even though sometimes she brings herself down she always finds a way to get back on her feet! Any guy would be lucky to have her. She doent mind taking risks and will do anything for an adventure. When she tells you secrets, it means you have one of the best friendships. But if you annoy her too much, consider yourself gone from her life. She is very playful and is always looking for a good time! She may regret things somtimes but always finds a way to make things better. Anyone would be lucky to meet an angel like michaela❤️
Guy 1: Wow, that girl over there is so amazing
Guy 2: Ya, she is pulling a Michaela!
by Magic101 November 8, 2014
Amazing, funny, crazy, jolly, outgoing, interesting, smart, nice, lovely, pretty, a michaela is someone special someone with a creative spark, she can light up any room with her usually bright colored eye such as blue or light green and she has mad crazy hair to fit her personality her hair is thick and full of life Its not just a plain head of hair she’s very sensitive and can be insecure but deep down she’s got the heart of a lion she firce and elegant she got it all.
man 1 woah look at her dude!
man 2 omg yeah she so pretty

man 1 She definitely a michaela
by Wildpotatod April 18, 2019
Michaela is the greatest girl that will ever come into your life. She is the sweetest and most beautiful person you will ever meet, and she will give you the greatest joy in a small amount of time. If you get the chance to meet a Michaela, don't take it for granted, she doesn't open up to just anyone. She's faithful, smart, and will always stay in your heart.
"Man, I wish I knew Michaela more!"
"Michaela's so cool!"
Bob1:"Wow, guys, who's that girl!?"
Bob2:"That's Michaela, bro!"
Bob1:"She's amazing!"
by RottoOmbra January 18, 2013
One of the most beautiful human beings to walk the face of the earth. She has the looks, but even better she has a truly beautiful soul. She is smart, funny, kind, compassionate, and overall an amazing person to be around. She will never look upon you badly. A Michaela is able to find the good in everyone, and that is what makes her great. The more time you spend with her, the more you love her. She is angel on earth.
Over time she became a Michaela in my eyes.
by Silent Lover February 17, 2013
Michaela looked upon the Earth and saw that it was good. So she began to play her French horn and was dubbed Queen Goddess of the World.
by Rosa Chainsaw February 16, 2013
The most small and fragile creature to step upon the earth and with a voice of an angel she talks and sleeps with harmony while the sun sparkles on her beautiful face but in the night she can be wild with a never ending volume to her voice.
"Hey did you see michaela today she was so amazing the way she looked and everything about her"
"Hey did you see michaela last night she was wild but in the best way like all michaela's"
by Cuteness overload April 26, 2015