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(n.) an allegedly non-profit ultra-conservative organization that advocates criminalizing homosexuality and lobbies against hate-crime legislature and same-sex marriage. The AFA has, at times, advocated gay-bashing and aheres to and publicizes the belief that all non-Christians are in league with Satan. The AFA (as it is known) owns over 180 radio stations and airs its message of intolerance and hatred through these venues. AFA members rationalize their views on homosexuality by claiming Hitler was gay (tell that to all the homosexuals who died in concentration camps)and to raise children in a Jewish household is to introduce them to a criminal way of life. The AFA submits that all AIDS patients should be quarentined.The AFA once called for a boycott of Ford Motors because Ford had offered benefits to the partners of their lesbian and gay employees. The Southern Poverty Law Center has investigated the AFA as a hate group and notes that it is "primarily an anti-gay organization."
Diane Gramely is a hate monger and spokesperson for the American Family Association of Pennsylvania.
by Blenderhead1991 May 14, 2009
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1.) (n.) a sexual predator who uses chat rooms, instant messenging, or social networking sites for the purpose of flirting with and meeting others for illicit sexual experiences. Pedophiles, hebephiles, and pederasts who encourage secret meetings or solicite sex with their targeted demographic through these methods are considered to be online predators.

2.) A mammal belonging to Order Carnivora (tigers, grizzly bears, timber wolves, wolverines, raccons, etc.) with an internet connection.
1.) Doug is an online predator. He's in chat rooms or on MSN all day trying to hook up with young girls. What a sicko.

2.) Zippy the Squirrel was killed by an online predator. I didn't even know that a grizzly bear could type!
by Blenderhead1991 May 13, 2009
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A right-wing extremist group that claims to "support the troops," but strangely enough believes that sending them to places where they'll most likely come home in body bags is the best way of doing so. In the opinion of GOE (as this group is known), shipping young men and women off to die is patriotic. Gathering of Eagles members get their rocks off by harassing peaceful demonstrators at anti-war protests. They have also been known to film and threaten peace activists and have gone so far as to assault the grieving families of service members killed in recent conflicts. Anybody who disagrees with the GOE philosophy is summarily labled a traitor and a "moonbat," whatever that is. GOE members are opposed by several noble groups that include the Winter Soldiers and Veterans for Peace, groups whose members know the horrors of war and seek to spare future generations from them.
Carolyn Swartout is an infamous member of the right-wing fringe extremist group known as a Gathering of Eagles. She has been witnessed harassing peaceful protestors and uses her family, including her minor son, in attempts to trigger violent response. She is a coward.
by Blenderhead1991 May 15, 2009
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(n.) the exterior portion of one's anus; the rectum; an asshole.
Ned: Good God, the toilet paper in the staff restroom is coarse--like 5-grit sandpaper!

Phil: Tell me about it. I have calluses on my leather doughnut!
by Blenderhead1991 May 05, 2009
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(n.) a vagina that is infected with some sort of disease (not necessarily gangrene),appears generally unhealthy visually, or is displeasing to one's olfactory sense.
Ned: I am telling you bro, Erika is smoking hot, but when I got them panties off......man, it was like I was facing off your granny's gangrenous hole.

Neal: Dude....how do you know about my granny's snatch?
by Blenderhead1991 May 05, 2009
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(n.) oversized and/or protruding areolae. Also known as a puffy nipple. May make the nipple appear to be pointy (a condition known as "banana boob") or where the areola is not protruding may resemble a slice of pepperoni.Attraction to nipples of this nature is considered to be a fetish by some. Atomic nipples are rumored to be quite sensitive.
Nichole has huge atomic nipples, which I consider to be her soul redeeming quality. I really dug sucking on them.
by Blenderhead1991 May 13, 2009
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(n.) an acronym for Busted Out Butthole Syndrome, or in otherwords a prolapsed rectum. Frequently attributed to entirely too much buttfucking or inserting foreign objects into the colon.
Ned: When I saw Felix in the showers down at the gym, bro...well at first I thought he had a tail! Here it turns out the last six inches of his colon were hanging out his asshole!

Phil: What....ain't you ever seen a case of B.O.B.S. up close and personal?
by Blenderhead1991 May 05, 2009
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