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Literally, an explosion of cum. Cum that shoots the accordian right off your lap, and the Santa hat off your head.
"Richard pumped the accordian on his penis, until he enjoyed a fine CUMSPLOSION. He was so rubber-legged he fell on the icy walk as he left. Best Christmas ever.
by kevmulk September 17, 2008
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An enormous amount of jizz to come out during masturbation or sex.
Carl was jerking off to some porn when he finally cummed. A hot load of jizz coated everything in front of him, a cumsplosion. He didn’t stop though. The stream of hot jizz didn’t look like it was about to stop. The stream kept coming. Carl tried to stop it by holding his dick tight but it hurt like hell. He stepped out of his chair and it still rushed out. The dripping stream didn’t stop. He tried putting on pants but filled up with cum. He went out naked. He bravely stepped out of his house to try and get help but then the door locked behind him. His cock dripped with cum faster and faster. His raging boner was rock hard. He then saw his crush walking toward him.
by Well, shit. January 18, 2018
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a. While having sexual relations individuals involved simaltaniously orgasm.

b. to cum together
Nick and Beth had a cumsplosion while having sex in the shower that could be heard through out the apartment.
by Teddy H. December 07, 2007
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When a male ejaculates profusely covering everything in the way of his cum shot.
guy #1: I'm gonna need like 50 more rolls of paper towels in that bathroom!

guy #2: What happened?!?!

guy #1: cumsplosion....
by backstreetFORlife September 27, 2009
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When you orgasm so hard, your cum goes in more than one direction.
Jake: Dude, I haven't fucked anyone in so long, that when I came, It was a total cumsplosion!
Drake: whoa, man that's crazy
by ThatOneGuyWhoF ckedUrMum December 21, 2018
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