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To stimulate the genitals for a jolt of pleasure (orgasm).
John wanted to masturbate, so he clicked on the computer in the darkly lit room. He typed “porn hub” into the search bar and took off his jeans. He quickly took off his boxers and let his dick feel the fresh air. He clicked the most popular result and started watching the porn.
He felt his dick harden when he got to the sex. He felt aroused, so he started to wank. It filled him up with pleasure. The head of his dick became covered with precum and he started wanking faster. It felt so good to him. He started to stroke it and rub it. His penis was dripping with precum.

He felt his dick become heavy and the head full. The threesome on the screen were arousing John even more. John let out a deep moan of pleasure and a hot stream of jizz sprayed out of his member. Semen covered his lap, as his dick bobbled around to let out a few more spurts of cum. He kept wanking, then his door opened. John was so scared, he almost ripped his dick off.
His dick layed flaccid across his naked legs, then he walked to the bathroom, his legs coated with semen.
by Well, shit. December 22, 2017
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When a woman sticks her breast forcefully in someone’s mouth and the victim has to “milk” her.
milk raped.

Dean was strapped to the chair. He was blindfolded and naked, and couldn’t move. The abandoned warehouse was Dean’s new home. Somebody walked in, and stuck her boob in his mouth. His sounds were muffled and it only pleasured the woman more. He felt something penetrated his ass and thrust in and out, tearing it. He felt a cock enter his mouth and he was forced to suck it of. The man had cummed in his mouth and was forced to swallow. They all left the room, but little did Dean know, he was being used as a male hooker.
by Well, shit. February 3, 2018
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A dare/punishment where you must have sex with a snowman, naked. The action may go on for 20-30 minutes.
Jack was playing beer pong at his friend’s house during a snowstorm. Dan, his opponent finished before him. The punishment was snowman sex. Jack stripped down naked, put his clothes on the kitchen table and went outside. The guys locked the door behind Jack so he couldn’t escape. There was a ready-made snowman outside, so he started shallow fucking it. The cold crept up his dick, making it hard. He stuck his entire cock inside the snowman and kept fucking. The guys were taping the whole thing. He then stuck his dick inside the snowman’s mouth and kept fucking. The cold was unbearable. He orgasmed and cummed inside the snowman and kept fucking it for another good twenty minutes. His balls hit the snowman’s hard ass repeatedly. After, his balls were frozen and his dick hard. His entire body was freezing.
by Well, shit. December 23, 2017
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The procedure of dipping one’s testicles into one’s mouth in an up and down motion.
Secretly gay Devin stood on top of his best friend Harold, who was asleep. He dipped his balls in and out. His saliva lubricated his testicles and it felt so good. Devin accidentally slipped, and his entire ballsack went in his mouth. He tried getting back up, but it was too hard. Harold then started biting. It hurt like hell, squatting naked with pain spreading throughout his balls.
His cock lay across Harold’s neck and Harold’s cat who slept on Harold’s bed woke up. The cat looked at his cock and started to scratch it. Harold bit harder, making Devin hard. This went on for the entire night. Devin vowed to never teabag again.
by Well, shit. December 26, 2017
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Someone who will have sex with anyone, in hopes of making them either popular or money.
Amber felt horny at school. She excused herself to the bathroom and masturbated. She felt more and more wet. The bi school ho burst through the door. She saw Amber and drunkenly said “HELLOoOOoOoO horny!” Before Amber could react, she grabbed her and dragged her to the abandoned library.

She greedily ripped off of all Amber’s clothing and started making out with her. She stole some handcuffs (her sugar daddy was a police officer) and handcuffed both her hands to a railing. She heard the class bell ring and she took out some vibrators. She slid one in Amber’s ass, her screaming with pain. Tears filled her eyes. She then fit one in her cunt. Then she left her there.

During the night, she squirmed and moaned with her horny pussy dripping. She cummed eleven times that night. The next morning, the ho came back. She massaged her boobs and kept the dildos in her. The ho ate her out and Amber freaked out. This went on for two weeks.
by Well, shit. December 30, 2017
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when one is strapped in a position where said sex machine (or genitals) penetrate the ofirice where they cannot get out.
Jack went over to his friend’s house to hang out, but not five seconds when he stepped in, he saw darkness. He felt his clothes being stripped off. He felt a rope tangle around his limbs separately, and his dick. He felt a sack come off his head. The room was dimly lit and he looked behind him. A dildo entered his ass and it went six inches in his tight ass. It hurt so much, and the dildo slid in faster. He felt a vacuum connect to his dick and he felt a hard suck. This went on for an hour. He is now gay.

Forced Pleasure
by Well, shit. March 2, 2018
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A risky (but kinky) activity with the male wearing two condoms with hot sauce in between them. A successful act is when it doesn’t break, but when one breaks, either the hot sauce leaks into the woman, or the man causing horrible pain but also the excitement of risk.
Marv prepared the hot sauce condom and went to fucking Lucy. They were into kinky stuff, so the hot sauce condom was a regular thing. Marv thrusted Lucy hard, over and over. UHHH! HARDER! HARDERRRR! YESSS! Marv gave it all he got until the condom broke on his end. He didn’t feel it at first, but when he felt pain, he knew something was wrong. He was about to orgasm when he pulled out. He yelled in pain. “Ow, my dick!” He rushed to the bathroom to wash off the hot sauce. It burned his dick and he clutched it in pain. Then the blue balls syndrome hit him. His balls dragged across the carpet as he attempted to crawl away.
by Well, shit. January 17, 2018
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