A dose of a drug (usually heroin) that is too strong for most people to handle, and therefore one that causes overdosing.
Man, they was sellin' $25 hot loads up there. Them junkies all OD'd.
by HotnNow January 7, 2004
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Phrase used by truck drivers to describe freight that must be delivered quickly.
I have no time to stop and eat, I'm under a hot load!
by ortrucker40 November 20, 2010
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What you see right after you bust a nut.
After it sits for awhile, it ceases to be hot anymore, and therefore becomes a cumbeard
Yeah I busted a hot load right on his cumbeard. He almost looks like a mountain man now, but it's sperm instead of ice.
by Creamy Beaver July 7, 2004
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1. A round of ammunition that has been loaded with extra gunpowder for extra power.

2. The act of when a man squeezes (or pinches off) his penis during most of an orgasm to prevent ejaculation, letting go just at the last pulse of the orgasm, which produces one huge explosion of sperm, instead of a few mediocre spurts. This produces a money shot that most porn stars would kill for.
1. Hot loaded ammunition can be dangerous, causing misfires, damaged guns, etc.

2. My girl was giving me head, then I pulled back and gave her a Hot Load, but I aimed it for her face and it was so strong that it broke her nose.
by Beer Is Good For You June 18, 2006
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The act of pooping in the dryer.
Dude, I just dropped a hot load in the dryer!
by Fajita3053 January 11, 2009
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wen ur tryin to break up with ur girlfriend so u invite her over to blow u but before she comes, u jack off a few times and wen she starts blowin u piss in her mouth. that'll show her.
"omg! my last boyfriend blew a surprise hot load in my mouth!"
"lol i gave my last girlfriend a surprise hot load"
by jason shapiro December 26, 2007
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when a man is deep inside a woman and he cums he squeezes his ass muscles together and cums deep inside her
man i screwed that chick last night and when she made me cum i gave her a hot load express
by donald mac dougall February 9, 2003
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