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A receptacle for you and the rest of your town to put your ejected semen in. said recepticle is usually a slutty ho.
hey dude, I just got back from using the cum dumpster. I hope I didn't catch the itchy dick.
by whomper May 01, 2003
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Any girl who takes loads of semen up her snatch, down the hatch, in her crack, and on her back. These chicks are down with the creampie be it anal or vaginal.
I have the crabs now because Alice is a promiscuous cum dumpster and I had sex with her.
by Shaun Melancon September 16, 2005
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A promiscuous woman who is not choosy about her sexual partners and who allows most or all men who she has sex with to cum inside of her without protection.
She sleeps with every guys she meets. She is such a cum dumpster.
by arkark November 06, 2011
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A person who is addicted to being ejaculated in, typically females. Also see whore or slut.
"Hey dude, see that girl? She's fucked everyone I know, and I don't even want to go into how many dicks she has sucked. She is a total cum dumpster!"
by 36th Crazyfist March 29, 2004
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1. (n) A person that is used for sexual purposes and is known for simply being a receptacle for semen.

A "Cum Dumpster" may either enjoy this behavior or may be too stupid to understand that they are being used for this purpose (see: cum-dumbster). This behavior may coincide with those of a slut/skank/slore/skeeze/whore.

Alternate spellings include "cum-dumpster", "cumdumpster", and "Bobbi Starr"
Guy #1: "Holy shit, last night Angie gave damn near everyone at the party blowjobs. I think every guy there wound up blowing his load in her mouth."

Guy #2: "Christ, what a Cum Dumpster."
by phroot August 21, 2008
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1. A woman whos mouth is used by several men as a trash can for cum (sperm).

2. A woman with a slut reputation, as well as a good cocksucker reputation.

That girl is a great cumdumpster, I took her on after the other one was finished.
by DeanNJ March 20, 2007
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