Recepticle or receptacle to "receive back,"

In Zoology
*an organ or structure that receives a secretion, eggs, sperm cells, etc.

Common use
* women that receive secretions, spermatozoa, etc. without requiring a condom.
"left me a voice message. "Next time you use me as a cum recepticle, please..."
by SuraScent May 22, 2007
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A handy method of transferring semen from your bedroom to the bathroom without actually leaving the room. Not akin to 'sperm bank' or the like which is more for plural transportation / storage of fluids. A human vessel.
My girl can't cook, clean, earn a living or nuthin'. Just a recepticle is all she ever be, Holmes.
by Kool Kolino January 2, 2005
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One who allows many men to penetrate and or ejaculate in their vagina/anus.
Tom: your mom is a sperm recepticle
Bob: fuck you Tom
by SeanH October 1, 2004
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Someone who has a whole lot of unprotected sex with the load shot in.
That Wanda, no rubbers ever, doesn't spill a drop, a total spunk recepticle
by Fountain of Knowledge July 7, 2005
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Term for a woman! Used in reference to wife,girlfriend.
We don't have anything in common she's just my cum recepticle.
by mrwzig January 9, 2007
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