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A promiscuous woman who is not choosy about her sexual partners and who allows most or all men who she has sex with to cum inside of her without protection.
She sleeps with every guys she meets. She is such a cum dumpster.
by arkark November 06, 2011

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A girl's face that's so attractive and provocative looking, that it turns a man on and gives him an erection without even seeing the rest of her body. The face alone is sexually stimulating enough for a man to want to masturbate to/on it.
She has a cum face.
by arkark October 13, 2011

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A woman whose face has features that make it naturally look very sexual and provocative and as a result - make her look extremely sexually driven and/or promiscuous.
Look at that whoreface. I bet she gets a lot of action and has a hard time staying faithful to any one guy.
by arkark October 24, 2011

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Admiration and sexual arousal that a woman, who is blessed with succulent buttocks, causes when she is proudly and ostentatiously walking or dancing in a provocative outfit, such as tight pants, short skirt/shorts, with an obvious intent to attract attention and show off her rear goods.
She causes a booty quake while dancing to "get low."
by arkark October 22, 2011

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Going out and hopping from one bar to another without staying long at any place, desperately looking to meet one or more women to have sex with.
He went after work cunt hunting. He hit 15 bars in 3 hours but no luck.
by arkark November 12, 2011

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