Quit being such a culero
by Mo July 17, 2003
culero means asshole, THATS IT. its as simple as that. goddamn of the people who defined "culero" in here knows what it fucking means? its not complex.

guy 1- "ey me coji tu vieja guey"
guy 2- "te voy a matar pinche culero!"


guy 1- "yo i fucked your girl"
guy 2- "i'm gonna kill you fucking asshole!"
by GhostOfBiggie December 30, 2006
Spanish slur against homosexual men. The closest English translation is "assfucker."
¡No seas culero wey!
by iowa dogg June 11, 2005
a male or female that are mean with other people, they are aswell sarcastics and most of the time popular... they try to destroy your life because for them is fun.

And actually in spanish it doesn´t mean someone homosexual.
Ese wey es bien culero ! ! !
That dude is a culero ! ! !
by Tre Manzon June 28, 2006
Spanish word also used as an adjective to describe something extremely unpleasant.
¡No manches! ¡un shock eléctrico se siente bien culero!
(¡Jeez, dude! ¡Electric shocks feel really culero!)
by thekingofhell July 24, 2004
cu·le·ro koorrô (plural cu·le·ros)noun
1. Offensive and derogative term for a homosexual man (culero=fag). Derived from the word 'culo' which vulgarly refers to the anus. 2. a highly offensive term for somebody viewed with dislike or contempt( taboo )
Stop being a culero and take the Tequila shot like a man!
Que culero, no le pregunto por el telefono a esa mamasita.
*What a fag, he didn't ask that fine mami for her phone number.*
by Keyro December 20, 2006
Spanish for homosexual that primarily enjoys receiving anal sex.
by Anonymous September 5, 2003