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Alternative spelling: güila
A female prostitute, no equivalent for male.
En la noche se ponen las huilas.
(At night las huilas stand on the street)
by thekingofhell July 24, 2004
An older man who likes to court and date younger girls, whether corresponded or not. Only used in extreme cases (a 45 man courting a 18 year old girl would be appliable). It is most exclusively used with men and in the phrase: 'viejo rabo verde' (viejo meaning old man) No equivalent expression for women.
¡¡¡Ya déjala en paz, viejo rabo verde, que podría ser tu hija!!!!
(leave her alone, you viejo rabo verde, she could be your daughter!)
by thekingofhell July 24, 2004
Spanish word from Spain. derogative for upper-class or social climbers who believe themselves upper class. equivalent to the mexican word: 'fresa'
ese pijo nunca deja propina.
(that pijo never tips)
by thekingofhell July 24, 2004
GAÑÁN (last A accented) Someone of very crude manners, often uneducated and sexist.
Ese tipo no te conviene, m'hija, es un completo gañán.
(that guy is not good for you, my sweet child (girl), he is a complete gañán)
by thekingofhell July 24, 2004
(derives from spanish griego, greek)
Derogatory term for people from the United States.
In Chile it refers to someone from the capital city, very similar to the mexican word chilango.
Originally it aplied to any foreigner, as time passes it came to be a cruel synonym of yankee.
Many people think that the word began during the Mexican revolition referring to the green uniform of the U. S. Marines, and mexicans yelled: "Green, go", but that is not the case, the word appeared much earlier in eighteenth century latin american and spanish literature.
Its use is not exclusive to Mexicans, Now it is widely used by latin americans in general and even by europeans.
Contemporary U. S. politics have brought this word to greater relevance, as the anti-gringo feeling has spread throughout the world.
Fui al centro y puro pinche gringo por todos lados.
(I went downtown and found lots of bloody gringos there)
by thekingofhell July 27, 2004
Central American and Mexican (from the far south) word synonym to curly. I heard someone from Colombia use it.
Esa colocha está bien bonita.
(That curly (colocha) girl is really cute!)
by thekingofhell July 24, 2004
Spanish word also used as an adjective to describe something extremely unpleasant.
¡No manches! ¡un shock eléctrico se siente bien culero!
(¡Jeez, dude! ¡Electric shocks feel really culero!)
by thekingofhell July 24, 2004