A hot mama; a hot babe; a ho of particularly hispanic/spanish but possibly other decent
Quiero mamasitas ahora! Arriba!
Heyyyy, mamasita!
Look at them mamasitas over there!
by ThePimpOfSmoothness June 25, 2003
It simply means "hottie" in Latin-American slang.
what a hottie! / Que mamasita!
by Latincutie March 28, 2007
"Mamasita" is a misspelling of mamacita, the Spanish for "little mother". Rather like the English word "momma", mamacita can mean a mother of both the standard and the red hot kind.
If you spell it 'mamasita' you probably don't speak Spanish
by GardenQuad September 20, 2007
When you see a hot girl, is like saying lil mama
Hey mamasita you look gorgeous
by MoonshineGlitter March 23, 2017