A term expressing the ability to fight well, often coupled with the modifier 'mad'.
"That kid sure can fight." "Yeah, he got mad shocks."
by D. Mos' May 13, 2008
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A term combining the words "shoes" & "socks."
Meaning "shoes & socks."
Just a minute, guys - I need to put on my shocks.
by Vegetarian Wiener Chick February 9, 2009
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another name for twat,you have 2 fuck the shocks til they are no longer usable like hazel
guy1-yo i broke the shit out my girls shocks
guy2-damn thats watspoppin im bout 2 break my girls in a few
guy1-tough u better break dem shocks my nig
by young twatter November 23, 2007
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nike shoes that are TOO expensive and a bit annoying. too much of a OMG I NEED THAT trend.
Guy 1: "Hey dude! Check out those blue and silver shocks!"
Guy 2: "Man I have like 18 MILLION pairs of those!"
Girl 1: "Losers. Shocks are dumb."
by Grace April 3, 2005
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Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English; akin to Middle High German schoc heap
Date: 14th century
: a pile of sheaves of grain or stalks of Indian corn set up in a field with the butt ends down

Function: noun, adjective
Etymology: North Western, mainland Seattle
Date: 21th century
:1)of rude or inconsiderate behavior.
2) Hacks and or Hacker in the game called Team Fortress Classic
3)One who is overly excited and chants in bursts of "LOL" and "ROFL".
Adjective: That guy's 1337ness was beyond pwned, it was shocks.

Noun: Shocks is the man !
by Aikawa April 9, 2003
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A sarcastic way to express shock at a revelation that is actually not shocking because everybody knew it already.
Used with a healthy dose of irony, the phrase was first uttered in the film Casablanca.
Wall street was shocked-shocked to learn that Goldman Sachs was scamming investors on a massive scale.
by tvsteve April 29, 2010
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Two in the bee hole one in the pee hole
Woah that was shocking
by Dubiks February 8, 2019
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