Used to denote that someone is or will do something until they die, or translated literally until you kill them.
Idiota a matar! (An idiot until they die!)
Puta a matar! (A hoe until they die!)
by wildpanamanian April 1, 2019
Matar is an amazing person that shares deep love for his friends and family, He's a strong willed individual who's very determined and will always challenge what life throws at him
Someone: that guy is so amazing.. He must be Matar.
by aaaslice April 16, 2019
Tengo ganas de matar. (quiero tener sexo)
by Alex Ockham April 4, 2017
A Matar is a big family. A whole fricken village full. This includes all extended family so first cousins, second cousins, 100th cousins, brother in laws, sister in laws, great x 100 grandparents, etc. If you say a family is a Matar family you mean a huge one. Matar families are usually from Asia and around the middle east, they are also great cooks, but this can change its just that the main thing is that the family is hugeeeeeee!
by 24_eeshabot_24 October 8, 2021
Matar known for having an amazing bod like omigosh did you see that matar and his hot bod
Have you seen matar booty today it's so sizzling hot
by matar January 1, 2014
beh che dire del ragazzo matar, un ragazzo umile, soprattutto umile, bello, affascinante e soprattutto ragazzo molto fidele, difatti nella bibbia MATARLATION nel paragrafo 57:7 possiamo riportare “DTN4LEM” ovvero don’t trust niggas for life except matar(che sia santificato il suo nome) l’instagram del santo matar

matar usato anche come essere umano
by matarlation November 22, 2021
Dou Matar is a confident man. He doesn't always make the right decisions but he is very dedicated.

Despite his personal problems, he will always listen to others. He also has exceptional charm so everyone wants him. His mysterious and silent side are at the origin of Dou Matar’s success.
Hey man! Did you see how Dou Matar looks flattened?
Yeah but i know he will smile if we go to him!
by effystonemmmmm November 21, 2021