A phrase adopted from Mexican Spanish meaning an ignorant asshole who's too self-absorbed to even realize what a self-absorbed ignorant asshole they're being.
Example 1
That pinche culero just asked that homeless guy why he doesn't just go to the gym and shower to keep from stinking so bad.

Example 2
Donald J. Trump
by ericthecleric February 4, 2016
1. sucking on some brown eye
2. getting a mouth full of poop shoot
3. making out with the butthole
4. sticking your tounge in the wrong hole
5. tolling the salad
6. what the make you do in county
i went to sizzlers and they gave me culero salad
by panuela gomez April 29, 2003
A person that loves ass or any nature of booty
Eres un culero
You are a booty lover
by Alwayspaid June 6, 2022
Culero is the synonym of Square Rooter. Only ten times worse. Look up squarerooter.
Listen culero, you cannot change your mutual last minute because your mutual partner tapped out.
by Radar1214 December 26, 2016
Someone usually called Miguel, Ivan, Axel, Sebastian, Manuel, Francisco, Samuel, Dennis or a Skinwalker
"Have you seen that Culero coming around the corner"
"Yeah, what a fucking culero"
by AneFrank August 30, 2022