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Kids that get there kicks from drinking chasing cows in field with a 3 or 4 wheeler and sitting by a fire all night and playing in it til someone gets burned or falls in it,also all they do all day long is chew tabacco and hang out at a truck stop all damn day ..... also know as rednecks or hillbillies
Damn those hill jacks are soo dumb.
by Mo October 22, 2003
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hinky is a word that means sort of lik,e tacky and froogle is just like a random wordand when u use them together ur saying something negative,
brittany dresses like sucha hinky froogle, or: omg u little hinky froogle
by Mo August 24, 2004
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It means Dates (the fruit) in indian.
A kajur is uasually black and stupid with no intellect, and smokes an arabic pipe or midwakh.
You idiot, stop being a kajur.
by Mo May 20, 2004
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lil' key key come take a bite outta the little can o tuna
by Mo December 16, 2003
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The bitter brainchild of Chunx, your standard honky ho, who obsessed over JJ Fad lyrics ('I seen better pictures on a can of Alpo'), bitched about tiny-donged menz, and suffered from the frightening split affliction of burgerphilia/nymphomania. Funx soon stepped in with her winning Casio beats, frighteningly stark-faced and sexually obscene dance moves, and Spanish flair (but NOT in a Santana featuring Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas sorta way).
by Mo December 28, 2004
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