Mexican slang for “quit playing” or “are you serious?” or “no cap?”
Pedro: “did you hear? pablo called rixgoberta a pendeja today”
Adrian: “¡no manches, güey! you’re joking”
by oglilmexico January 22, 2020
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Mexican Castellano idiom for stop kidding around, " don't jerk my chain ", No Way or whatever.
"No manches, are you really going to cross the border illegally?"
by Paco Rivera March 16, 2005
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Literally means, "don't stain". but its metaphoric meaning is somewhat like saying "stop kidding" or "are you serious?(rhetorically speaking)"
Ryan: Dude, my girlfriend slapped me in the face before i broke up with her.

Omar: no manches dude.

Ryan: true story.
by Paras Nuevo Leon April 28, 2009
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a.k.a. "Manch Dressing"

Sperm, semen, ejaculate, cum, jizz... what have you, manch is what some people like to refer to their penile secretions, especially when said fluids resemble the color and consistency of ranch salad dressing.
Hey baby, you look like you could use some manch dressing on that pube salad!
by BABIESwithTITS May 22, 2008
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Applies specifically to the region on Manchester, New Hampshire (not Manchester England). Most directly translated refers to the act of shoving ballon animals filled with black tar heroin into one's rectum.
"Hey bruh, sorry I didn't answer any of your calls. I was too busy manching."
by Richard Blazincock July 25, 2015
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A colloquial term on the internet meaning "mansex" or homosexual male sexual relations. It comes from the term "mansechs", which was (is) a popular way of spelling "mansex" on many internet forums and that bastion of the linguistically adept, IRC.
Him? Oh, he doesn't like women anymore. He has given in to the dark force that is teh manches.
by Generic Pseudonym May 01, 2005
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