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culero means asshole, THATS IT. its as simple as that. goddamn of the people who defined "culero" in here knows what it fucking means? its not complex.

guy 1- "ey me coji tu vieja guey"
guy 2- "te voy a matar pinche culero!"


guy 1- "yo i fucked your girl"
guy 2- "i'm gonna kill you fucking asshole!"
by GhostOfBiggie December 30, 2006
Mainsteam rapper who got popular because he nagged Eminem and Dr. Dre to put him on, and the fact he's been shot a billion times (I can see why). Has somehow made a shitload of money and now buys Rolls Royce's an 5$ hoes off the streets of queens, which has led him to beleive he is a pimp. Has beef with Ja Rule (who blows even more than 50), nas, shyne an jadakiss. hopefully he'll realizes just cause he gets banged by dre and em hes not gangsta and go away. Also responsible for bringin all these wack words to the table, like wanksta when the real word is busta, like all u who old enough to respect the O.G.s should know
Random Conversation Realting to 50
Preppy Girl:OMG, i like love g-unit and 50 cent, hes so hott, i wish he would fuck me.
Preppy girl2:OMG, like wouldnt it be like hot if like abercrombie and g-unit combined to make like SwEeT Clothes?!
Wigger: Yo wuddit be up hoes, fiddy be a p.i.m.p.
Wigger2:Tru dat my nigga
Preppy Jock: Hey get away from my girlfriends, wiggers!, ill beat you 2 up
Goth:Wow 50 sucks almost as much as my life.
by GhostOfBiggie June 11, 2005