when a crackhead runs out of rock and begins searching the carpet to hopefully find a dropped crumb.
She ran out of rock at 10 and went crumbing for another 2 hours.
by sassymchateful August 13, 2007
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The act of searching for cannabis, usually but not exclusively resin, particles that have dropped on the floor. Especially when the searcher is out of cannabis and does not have the funds for more.
That's the last of the pot, I'll have to go crumbing under my chair to see if I have dropped any bits.
by Miss Jon August 30, 2019
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WhEn a person rubs another persons private parts through there clothes.
Oh man did you see that chick crumbing that guy at soccer today!!
by RANGA May 27, 2012
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1. stuffing crumbs down a male's urethra, then shooting them back out during ejaculation in order to arouse self or partner's appetite and sexual organs

2. stealing an intelligent person's idea and taking all the credit for it
1. Crumbing isn't a big turn on for me, but I know my brother likes it.

2. Sam is always crumbing me! Now everyone thinks he's more clever.
by Briannica November 19, 2004
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The act of searching for with one's hands, and subsequent removal by sweeping motion, small pieces of dirt, food and other minutiae from the surface of a bed, esp. preceding sexual intercourse.
Stop your crumbing and come have sexy time with me!
by metalibrarian December 07, 2011
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Picking up the "scraps" at the bar. Bottom of the barrel girls at the end of the night. Straight up uggos
Hey what's are you doing tonight? Oh I'm going out late and I'm crumbing!
by Bigsquirtnort August 29, 2017
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