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CRUMB (S) - is a individual(s) who lacks honor,trust,love,morals,good intent,value,effort,respect,loyalty,support,devotion or goodstanding.
Nothing can stop us! aint no love for crumbs.
by Anthonio Von Swagger. August 31, 2012

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Texting between two people via cell phone or tablet.
I cant talk on the phone right now but we can textersate.
by Anthonio Von Swagger. September 11, 2012

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A man who can instantly come into a womans life and provide her with emotional, mental and financial stability. A instaman instantly becomes obligated to pay a womans bills, take care of her children and household, provide all resourses without recieving any benefits other than sex in return. He assumes all responsibility providing a woman with all she desires financially and recreationally.
Tasha never had any stable income or potential husband and she always struggled paying bills until her life turned around instantly when he became her instaman.
by Anthonio Von Swagger. September 28, 2014

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1. YAH - a sound used to express great joy, displeasure or anger or
to be in total agreement with a statement or situation.

2. YAH - is a sound expressed when you have accomplished a great feat or successful at overcoming an obstacle.
3. YAH - is a sound expressed in when you are in agreement with becoming extremely competitive or feeling of excitement and adrenaline rush.
4. YAH - is a One Boy greeting and a call used to identify fellow members.
"I made the deans list, yah!"
by Anthonio Von Swagger. August 31, 2012

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1. Lacking characteristics, traits and interactions of non technological equipped homosapian behavior.
2. The inability to experience human interaction physical, verbally and emotionally with another human.

3. Not a homosapian.
4. A technological device used as a subsitute for human relationships.
I dont like to textersate with people on my phone because it feels unhuman.
by Anthonio Von Swagger. October 14, 2014

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A Swaggitarious is an individual born with the unique Swagger of the ultimate gentleman. He has swagger beyond measure and posses the abilities of charm, class, intelligence, character and leadership. A Swaggitarious has style and charisma and his presence alone is a true coversation piece for socialites and dignitaries.
Anthonio Von Swagger is a true Swaggitarious and is loved by all he encounters.
by Anthonio Von Swagger. May 21, 2015

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If an individual has started dating someone with the intent to have a relationship and has intentionally lied, mislead or misrepresented themselves and meets 3 or more of the following requirements.The offender in question is a lobster and the the unaware person has been lobstered.

1. Has no INCOME.
2. Does not have HOUSING.
3. Does not DRIVE.
4. Is not currently/graduated from COLLEGE.
5. Is in 2 or more SEXUAL relationships.
6. DRUG addict.
7. 2 or more BABY daddies/mommas.
9. Involved in ILLEGAL activities.
"I've been dating this guy I met online and he was a total LOBSTER. I found out he just got out of prison, has 4 kids, is a pill head, 2 girlfriends, no job and he's not a High School graduate. I can't believe I got LOBSTERED !."
by Anthonio Von Swagger. January 10, 2014

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