Something you wish to share with your online friends.

Used within especially the BDSM community. Usually used as a tag or comment, so your friends see it on your online profile, especially in social networking.
Alex Baldwin was caught in the bathroom sucking an ostriches dick.

"Crumbs" "Lol, major crumbs".
by Low key June 15, 2016
What you say if you want to say crap, but you're in polite company and know you oughtn't
*drops plate of scones* Oh cra... Uh, I mean crumbs...
by shoreditch.vampire November 4, 2007
An international freestyle comedy duo from Canada that tours the world.
Holy %$&! CRUMBS totally did a kick ass show last night.
by Will Williamson September 5, 2007
stocked food of various kinds
"easy on the crumbs, fool!"
by Natalie Sosebee November 22, 2004
What TinTin yelps when he orgasms from being buggered by Captain Haddock
"Oh, ooo, ah, argh, ohohohoh, CRUMBS!!"
by Angus June 17, 2004
Like in the movie "Twins" with Arnold and Danny DeVito. It is when there is a set of Non Identical twins, and one of the twins seems to get all the good genetic code. The other one is left with crumbs, or can be called Crumbs.
Yo, what up Crumbs! Where's your fine sister?