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Interchangeable with Anyway, but the distinction being that Anywhoo is more friendly, casual, and text-message or informal/casual-email friendly.

It can sometimes denote a transfer of interest from the writer's business to the reader's. It can be a way to denigrate oneself in deference to the more-important reader.

Or it can simply a way to write-off what one just said or wrote. It can be a way to make light of the subject at hand and change the subject with humor of a somewhat-undefinable word.

It can be spoken as "Any who" or "Any whoooooo ... "

It spins from the Yoo-hoo fruit drink/chocolate milk slogan, "Wherever your action is."
Anywhoo, enough about me. How was your day?
by Candycasa November 24, 2009

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Named for the action of Hansel (and Gretel) from "Hansel and Gretel," the Grimms' fairy tale, as they dropped stones or bread, in turn, to mark their path through the forest.

Forms may include: Hanseling (or lower case, hanseling), a verb; to hansel, a verb; or Proper noun, Hansel (meaning one who drops carelessly in described manner, or any variation of such).

Hanseling is the term used when items, carelessly or purposely, are dropped (possibly in a meandering or careless path-like manner) as a man or boy walks; Greteling is the identical term when a woman or girl walks and drops items in similar manner.

So there is the male version: Hanseling. The female version: Greteling. Either caps or lowercase: Hanseling or hanseling; Greteling or greteling.

The term was initially used years ago when small boys would fail to stay put at meals, and would carry their meals or snacks around the house, haphazardly dropping crumbs or chunks of food in paths around the house.
The term not only includes eating and dropping crumbs, but can broadly include dropping any item (such as clothes, paper, trash, etc.), often in an unthinking or inconsiderate manner.

It can further include not wiping ones' feet at the door, and hanseling mud throughout the home. Etc.
Stop the messes Hansel! No more hanseling around the house eating handfuls of Fruity Pebbles!
by Candycasa November 24, 2009

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Arnold Schwarznegger.

A combo of his acting role as "The Terminator" and his present role as Governor of California.

May have been an affectionate way of referring to his superstar status as both a bodybuilder and a machismo actor - and also an elected politician.
"The Guvernator has made reference to his line in the movie, 'I'll be back!' "
by Candycasa November 24, 2009

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To be in a state of not feeling overt pain. A state of anti-inflammation.

The name for a Schiff brand (trademark) joint supplement that was later pulled by the FDA - as it was too blatantly a health claim in the name of the product, later renamed.

In common useage now, the term can indicate any mode of feeling good or feeling a lack of pain ... be it physical, mental, emotional, etc.
After healing from her injuries, she was relieved to again be pain-free.
by Candycasa December 03, 2009

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To be eating and dropping crumbs on the ground as one travels.

See Hanseling or Greteling.
Stop crumbing all over my house you Hansel!
by Candycasa November 24, 2009

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One who observes, looks for, gawks, or even tries to interact with a celebrity.
100% TRUE STORY: After trying repeatedly to semi-successfully engage in conversation with Frances Fisher (former lover of Clint Eastwood) at Whole Foods Market in Hollywood, a stargazer knew her label ... when Ms. Fisher said loudly, winking, to the cashier as the "stargazer" followed her in line: "What kind of lily is that (pointing to a bunch of lilies for sale at the register)?" The cashier loudly said in reply, winking back Ms. Fisher, while looking at the "stargazer" gawker ...

"It's a Stargazer."

She knew then, that she had overstepped her boundaries with the celebrity, and was a true Stargazer.
by Candycasa January 29, 2010

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An affectionate term for a toddler or baby in diapers.

"Bundle" came from a page and picture in the classic children's book, "Danny and the Dinosaur." There is a page where the dinosaur is carrying an older lady - who has her packages from shopping - across the street. His hands are cupped and she sits in them like one would a chair.

So, she is holding her bundles and the dinosaur is holding the lady's bundles. The dinosaur had asked if he could help her with her bundles. So, the double entendre is that her bundles are her backside, which for many reads caused roars of laughter with a toddler, who then inherited the name, "bundles" and also "bundlecakes."

Bundles is slang for bum, and cakes has double meaning for what a diaper is used to contain - but also for "cake," which a child sometimes is affectionately called: cake.
C'mere bundlecakes! Let's change your loaded diap (diaper)!
by Candycasa December 04, 2009

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