The act of taking a duck-lipped selfie whilst dropping a deuce in a public toilet.

Their is a point system involved for how many of the following factors you can pull off (so to speak):

Extra points are awarded for the following:

1. Finding a brushed metal stall to get a reflection of side-cheek in the selfie
2. Taking the selfie during a toy hunt
3. Including the toy you found in the selfie
4. Bonus points if that toy is made by Hasbro
5. More points if you drop a quote like, “How the mighty have fallen” when you “drop your cargo” as it were

If all these factors can be achieved, it’s called a “Deluxe Baldwin.”
“I thought your uncle was taking dick pics for Craigslist again but I heard him ask ‘How does it feel mighty Megatron’ and realized he was going for a Deluxe Baldwin.”
by Best Baldwinnerin 3 counties January 7, 2018
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An instance of committing a negligent discharge with a firearm, especially when said discharge results in the death of an innocent person. coined by a commenter on youtube after the infamous shooting of an innocent woman by Alec Baldwin on the set of the movie "Rust". The complete phrase is "pulling a Baldwin."
Hey watch out! Don't play with that gun like that before you pull a Baldwin!
by therealsamfisher November 20, 2021
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a fat cocoa puff that eats calories for a living and drinks melted butter for a living. He does rituals naked in the woods with cheezdoodle wrappers as his clothing and when the ritual is complete he will turn into his true form CLEVELAND BROWN JR
*walks into store*


*Baldwin proceeds to eat all fucking chicken nuggets in history*

Baldwin:gO aWaY!!!!!!!
by lilnutstain June 19, 2018
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A really hot guy. He is usually date-able, and it raises your social status if you go out with him.
"He is such a Baldwin!"
by Waldo123 November 2, 2009
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Refering to a hot guy
Look at james. He's such a baldwin.
by seesee July 19, 2003
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A good looking guy...

(The Baldwin brothers)
That guy is a total Baldwin!

*I forget where exactly, but they use the phrase in the Clueless movie*
by Dana60 April 28, 2005
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A town in western Michigan next to "ludington"
This town was legally placed as the poorest county in the whole state of Michigan. 3 stores each 5 miles apart. K-hill, wonderful apartments that work like vending machines for drugs. And 2 prisons! Come to lovely lake county. Where your children will pretend to be black and be in a "gang". And your daughters will be thots. - Baldwin ❤
Baldwin? Where is that?

by Idgafaybyaaw November 6, 2019
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